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Coaching & Facilitating

Specific Coaching Directions

Humphrey has an active coaching and counselling practice focusing on supporting a wide range of clients who are:


  • Leading change programs and finding it difficult to win support from key stakeholders
  • Wanting to step up from operational management into more strategic leadership roles
  • Sensing they have lost momentum and become stuck in a career rut
  • Ambitious and keen to learn but don’t know what development pathway to take next
  • Feeling overloaded by the sheer volume and complexity of what they are doing
  • Struggling to balance work and family commitments
  • Feeling burnt out and emotionally flat
  • Experiencing episodes of heightened anxiety and doubt in their ability to meet other people’s expectations
  • Wanting to disengage from the ups and downs of organisational politics and embark on their own ‘encore’ career
  • Nearing the end of their full-time organisational careers and would like to develop a range of part-time portfolio interests
  • Wanting to start actively planning a smooth transition into retirement